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It's a jungle out there!

Welcome to China Helpers!

We are a resource site for those navigating their way in and and out of China.

Do you have a question about China? Ask us here!

House Helper iPhone App

We have added a new iPhone App useful for English speakers who have Chinese House Helpers! This app helps provide English speakers with tasks and then composes a Chinese message to send through SMS to their Chinese House Helper! Check it out by clicking on the logo:
China Helper App

China Tips

How do I watch movies online in China?

What VPNs are good for use in China?

How do I book travel in China?

This is a community resource area for people to find answers and ask questions on all things practical in China.  Please check it out!

We are looking for people who want to help us ask questions and provide tips for users.  If you are interested, please contact us!

China Listings

We’re trying to make browsing through listings faster and more convenient.

Here, we have added in listings for Chengdu. More to come soon!

China Groups

We have added new functionality for people in China to be able to create their own productivity groups or clubs. This is similar to Google or Yahoo groups where users can connect with their own discussion forum, share documents, and group admins can communicate with the group through email. We will also be adding in event functionality so that groups can plan their events as well.

More to Come!

We will be introducing new sections and resource areas for you, so please bear with us as we look for ways to be a help to the community.

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